I like French, comics, books, podcasts, (board and roleplaying) games, biking, and trains. I try to stay organized and in good (physical and mental) shape.

Moi, j'aime le français, les BD, les livres, les podcasts, les jeux (de plateau et de rôle), le cyclisme, et les trains. Je fais de mon mieux de rester organisé et en forme (physiquement et mentalement).

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Highlight of Paris airport this morning is the Scottish “hey Europe, can we still be friends?” ads that I keep seeing.

What I’d really like to see added to HTML are tags.

J’ai déjà atterri à Roissy, j’ai déjà fait le contrôle des passeports et la douane, mais je viens d’entendre le « jingle » de la SNCF, et c’est donc maintenant que je sais vraiment que je suis en France 😍🚉

Just when I thought I had screenshot shortcuts down for macOS, Cmd+Shift+5 reveals itself and blows my mind!

One of the best gifts I’ve ever received was when my mom sent me a copy of The Moody Blues’ “Days of Future Passed” for my birthday when I was a freshman at BYU, assuming that because it was quirky, I would like it. She was 100% right.

Objects in my office visible from my webcam when I’m having professional teleconferencing meetings: an Axis and Allies board, a model of the Battlestar Galactica, and some Star Wars fan art.

Thanks to my upcoming presentation at a conference in France and the different ways different countries do Daylight Savings, I have the dubious honor of getting to “spring forward” twice this year.

Next flight has no headrests, which is way more comfortable (for me, at least).

Currently on board one of those planes where what is intended to be a head rest for normal people is, for me, a “shoulder-pusher.”

planner thoughts

I have five months left in my twelve-month planner, which naturally means I’m already thinking about my next one. I’m only half-joking. I spent a lot of time last summer setting up productivity systems, and this semester is showing their weak spots. Eager to revisit.

There’s something about stepping onto a new bus that makes me feel like I’ve stepped into the future. I don’t need jetpacks, just clean seats and an electric motor.

Public library holds and academic library holds are two of my favorite things.

Dans une semaine, je serai à Québec, et j’ai trop hâte.

Thanks to latitudinal differences, my spring break trip to Québec is happening while there is still snow there but after winter boots have gone on clearance here.

Today’s writing is powered by The Doubleclicks. Hard to believe it took me this long to start listening to them!

A bug in my macOS mail client has just told me that after years of trying, I have finally reached the elusive “Inbox Negative One.”

Last week, I noticed that my RSS reader was no longer refreshing feeds from my local newspaper’s website. Today, I discovered it’s associated with VPN use. Anyone know what’s going on?

Finally decided to cut ties with Prime, and then Amazon goes and buys Eero, my router company of choice. It’s like I can’t escape (which is, in turn, exactly why I’m trying to).

Prisencolinensinainciusol is my favorite song-whose-name-I-can-never-remember. It’s an amazing rendition of what American music sounds like to someone who doesn’t speak English, and it’s worth a listen.

Quand une fusée temporelle commence son voyage dans le temps, on appelle ça un « décollage horaire »

In June, I purchased an “I’m Sorry, I Haven’t A Clue” compilation on Audible that is over 18 hours long. Tonight, I finally passed the halfway point.

Je viens d’acheter des billets pour visiter le Québec (pour les vacances) et la France (pour un colloque) au mois de mars. J’ai trop hâte !

Lexington has a sister city in Normandy, so I’m currently applying to our sister cities organization in the hopes it will provide opportunities to keep up my French. 😊🇫🇷

Bought a frame today for a nice piece of The Last Jedi art I received for Christmas. Going to hang it up in my office and start using it as a litmus test for visitors.

Over lunch, I continued a new (for me) book on the history of French and decided to email a thank you to a wonderful BYU professor who taught a class on that subject. I think of him often and am embarrassed I hadn’t reached out earlier.

Last week, I confessed to my colleagues some of my quirky passions, like radio dramas and Franco-Belgian comics. This week, driven by a compulsive need to outquirk myself, I am listening to a radio drama adaptation of a Franco-Belgian comic.

I think my favorite takes on La Marseillaise are the 1812 Overture and that scene from Casablanca.

Gotta say, Amazon, the amount of effort you’re making me go through to cancel my Prime membership is just validating my choice to do so.

One of my favorite “not designed for that” uses of the macOS app Alfred is to strip formatting from text when copying from one doc to another—paste it in Alfred bar in between, and voilà!

Just misspelled my own name in an email because I didn’t want to be impersonal by using my text expansion-powered signature 🙄

This post is a test of Twitter integration with my new Hugo blog (via Siri Shortcuts).

Hello World! This is a test of a Siri Shortcut for posting to my new Hugo blog from iOS.