New Publication: Considerations for Using Social Media Data in LDT Research

Happy to announce that Matt Koehler, Josh Rosenberg, Bret Staudt Willet, and I have a chapter in Enilda Romero-Hall’s fantastic new book on Research Methods in Learning Design and Technology. A pre-print of the chapter has been made available here.

I’ve been doing Twitter research with Matt, Josh, and Bret for 5+ years now, and this chapter—*Considerations for Using Social Media Data in Learning Design and Technology Research*— was a wonderful opportunity to try to distill everything that we’ve learned into an accessible introduction to this kind of research. I’m especially proud of how high-level and flexible the chapter is. We intentionally avoided providing step-by-step instructions for using social media data in ed tech research and focused instead on conceptual considerations that researchers should make. I think that there are right and wrong decisions when it comes to research using social media data, but there’s not “one right way” to do the work. We did our best to point researchers toward those questions and considerations that would help them figure out what the right decisions are for their particular context.