New Publication: Free and Paid Transactions on

Because I’m behind on blogging (as usual), I actually have two new publications to share today. Matt Koehler, Catharyn Shelton, Jeff Carpenter, and I have started looking at the curriculum marketplace Teachers Pay Teachers, and a research note with some of our early findings is now available through Teachers College Record (no paywall but you will need to create an account to access the note).

Here’s the abstract for the research note:

Online curricular marketplaces such as (TPT) are challenging conventional notions of curriculum, the professionalization of educators, and the exchange of capital in P-12 education. In this research note, we explore these issues by presenting an accounting of: (a) the size and scope of TPT, (b) the number of TPT resources being downloaded, and © the financial transactions associated with TPT educator-storefronts. Findings indicated that TPT hosted 4,018,173 classroom resources from 208,748 educator-sellers with 1.5 billion all-time downloads and $3.9 billion in total sales. 69% of all TPT downloads were of free materials. However, an overwhelming 81% of total TPT sales were attributed to the top 1% of educator-sellers (n = 1,524). TPT’s massive scope suggests it has introduced an important disruption in P-12 curriculum, with implications for the professionalization of educators. Furthermore, TPT’s unequal distribution of wealth across educator-sellers suggests disparities in the extent to which individual sellers are part of this disruption.

We’re looking forward to continuing our work with this data!