New Publication: Differences between Teacher-focused Twitter Hashtags

I’m pleased to announce that an article based on my dissertation work is now available “online first” (and open access) through the Italian Journal of Educational Technology.

In Differences between Teacher-focused Twitter Hashtags and Implications for Professional Development, I examine 60 Regional Educational Twitter Hashtags from the United States and Canada based on patterns of Twitter activity and summarize differences between those patterns into three composite dimensions. This work is a continuation of an ongoing effort in my work to establish that teachers’ social media use isn’t a monolithic phenomenon but rather a rich and complex set of practices that looks different in different contexts.

For your reference, here is the abstract for the article:

Twitter hashtags may serve as valuable means for teachers’ professional development. However, given the diversity of hashtag spaces and teacher needs, teachers must assess a given hashtag and compare it to their learning needs and preferences before determining whether it would be helpful. To support this reflection, I examine data associated with 60 Regional Educational Twitter Hashtags (RETHs) during the first six months of 2016 to begin describing the variety of teacher learning-focused Twitter spaces and make distinctions between them. My results indicate that these RETHs vary according to their relative focus on sharing, intimacy of personal connection, and volume of activity, each of which has implications for professional development. The dimensions resulting from this study may prove helpful for teachers, teacher educators, and hashtag coordinators.

I am also pleased to say that with my inclusion of Figure 2, I have managed to quasi-immortalize the most popular joke I’ve ever made on Twitter in the academic literature.