Faculty brownbag: An educational technology perspective on the flipped classroom

One of the perks of bringing an educational technology background into a different department and college is getting asked to share some of that background with other faculty. The UK School of Information Science—along with the College of Communication and Information—has been running some informal brownbags to help instructors get ready for an uncertain fall, and I was fortunate enough to be asked to share some of my perspective as an ed tech researcher. My presentation can be seen here, and the other videos can also be seen at this link.

In my presentation, I focus on the importance of having pedagogy (and context) drive our tech choices rather than the other way around. Because I believe that assessment is at the heart of a sound teaching philosophy, I also introduce the three steps at the heart of Wiggins and McTighe’s (2005) Understanding by design as ways that we can revisit our pedagogy and identify helpful technologies for moving to a partly- or fully-online context. I illustrate this process with some examples from my own teaching, highlighting some favorite educational technologies, like WordPress, Hypothesis, and Twine.