Supplies Necessary for Effectively Responding to Reviewer #5

A picture of my desk as I work on manuscript revisions

  • plenty of desk space (I nearly turned down the chance to get a windowed office next year because I’d lose this desk space)
  • ~60 pages of printed manuscript, tables, figures, and reviewer comments for fine-grained editing, making sure my in-text citations match my ref list (which is the stack of papers fanned out across the top), checking figures and tables, and proofreading
  • a big stack of sticky notes so that I could keep track of what changes I was making in response to which reviewer comments (in preparation for my response letter)
  • a laptop playing GoPro footage uploaded to YouTube from a train traveling from Zurich to Geneva at full screen, because it provides a nice view and good white noise (and, frankly, because I’d rather be there instead)
  • all of the inspirational pictures and other mementos that I can find (and have previously put up in my office, because the editor wants this back tonight, so I don’t have time to put up new ones)
  • a water bottle