Je fais du vélotaf depuis des années, mais avec chaque petit changement de température, j’oublie complètement comment bien m’habiller.

Pretty windy this morning, which will add another dimension to bike commute safety.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve reached the season where my colleagues (and students) think I’m crazy for continuing to bike commute. Despite sometimes achey fingers, the cold itself is usually easy to deal with. When I get worried is when there’s ice on the roads.

This morning’s freezing bike commute has me dressing like a double-balaclavad bank robber with a love for fluorescent yellow.

standing the wrong way in the elevator: a response to Oaks and Gilbert

I ride an e-bike into work, and because an e-bike is expensive, I bring it into my office rather than lock it up at one of the bike racks on University of Kentucky campus. Because an e-bike is heavy, I also take it up the elevator to get up to the third floor, where my office is. My e-bike takes up a lot of space, but I’ve figured out how to share the elevator with others as I make my way up to my office.

Je viens de payer une facture assez chère pour faire entretenir et réparer mon vélo, mais la facture annuelle juste pour le droit de garer une voiture chez mon travail coûterait deux fois ça. Je sors donc toujours gagnant.