some thoughts on Gab pushback against research on Gab

I’m not going to link to it, but I am fascinated by a recent post on the Gab blog where Andrew Torba announced some new features to help Gab users push back against research on the platform. Not only do I have two or three ongoing projects using Gab data (one is in the very, very early stages and—ironically—uses Gab blog posts), but some of what Torba wrote also aligned with some of the (fortunately mild) trolling my co-author, Amy Chapman, and I have experienced because of my work on the far-right-influenced DezNat hashtag in Mormon Twitter.

🔗 linkblog: my thoughts on 'The Far-Right Is Doxxing School Officials They Think Are “Groomers”'

This matches rhetoric I’m reading while doing research on Gab. We need respectable conservative movements in the U.S., but our contemporary mainstream right is flirting with these ideas instead of denouncing them. It’s troubling link to ‘The Far-Right Is Doxxing School Officials They Think Are “Groomers”’

I think you can be glad a villain got unmasked but uneasy that Batman’s the one who did it.