Never change, Eurovision.

Update: I’ve been a Kentuckian for 20+ years, but my first time watching the Kentucky Derby was just meh. So much wealth invested in a race that I didn’t really find interesting. Looking forward to family Eurovision next Saturday, though!

We signed up for a month of Peacock so that we could watch the Kentucky Derby today and Eurovision next Saturday. I’m sure that says something about our family, but I couldn’t say exactly what.

Il y a un an, j’ai regardé ma première Eurovision, Je l’ai ratée cette année (conflit avec un anniversaire en famille), mais j’espère y retourner en 2023.

Nice day out with the family yesterday; only regret was not getting home in time to watch Eurovision.

Just recognized a song playing on (Swiss) radio as being from Eurovision 2021, and that makes me happy.

🔗 linkblog: my thoughts on 'Russia's still eligible for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest : NPR'

Eurovision is not supposed to be political, but it always sneaks in. My money is on a lot of sympathy votes for Ukraine’s entry, and a very low score for Russia. link to ‘Russia’s still eligible for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest : NPR’

Il paraît que j’ai choisi la bonne année de commencer à regarder Eurovision ! 🇫🇷🇨🇭

The New York Times is liveblogging Eurovision, which I find surprising, delightful, and genuinely helpful.

This afternoon, we begin what will hopefully become an annual tradition of watching the Eurovision final.