the Christian symbolism of the name 'Mormon'

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des crêpes proustiennes

new revelation that confirms old ideas

a report on tea drinking

rejecting one fundamentalism to accept another

new publication: far-right and anti-feminist influences on a Mormon Twitter hashtag

new(ish) publication: inauthentic accounts on teacher Twitter

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technology-mediated authority in early Mormonism

thanks for being weird, TMBG

reckoning and forgiveness

how to understand 'Restoration'

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further thoughts on Jephthah's daughter

on Jephthah, Jeremiah, and David Archuleta

on distinctions between 'church' and gospel'

sticking with the Book of Mormon

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should I stay or should I go?

'Belgian French' and the intentional awkwardness of LDS Book of Mormon translation

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thoughts on an in-press article—and on names and legitimacy in Mormonism

thoughts on Joseph, Jesus, and fundamentalism

anxiety, privilege, and trying to make a difference

bike rides, TTRPGs, and other 2022 Father's Day weekend fun

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an 'ultimate sense of FOMO' and joining Community of Christ

Dallin Oaks and Marjorie Taylor Greene on heterosexual extinction

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