microblogvember and the surprising joy of random words

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kebab and baklava in Colmar

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actual play podcasts worth relistening to

« Coup de vieux » de Bigflo et Oli

non-appearance on 'The Unlistenable Podcast'

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finding awe in MocMoc and other little things

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apprendre (enfin) les paroles des chansons franco-canadiennes

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Wil Wheaton on general purpose computing

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pourquoi le français ?

Apple and artificial restrictions on file syncing

musical references in TMBG discography

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mon grand amour pour les noms des villes en Alsace

distant villages turned metro stops

schools' Acceptable Use Policies and R. Sikoryak's 'Terms and Conditions'

easy campaign prep for tabletop RPGs

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un petit souvenir de Dijon

découverte de deux chaînes YouTube

some scattered thoughts on Superman

booking tickets for American high-speed(?) rail

some Hypothesis (and other) updates for the blog

automation, agency, and « Au service de la France »

embedding Hypothesis as a commenting system on Hugo static sites

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émission sur le LEB

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to anyone subscribed to this blog by RSS

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XIII comic reference in Slow Horses series?

small radio delights, everday cultural artifacts, and other thoughts on audio media

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some COVID Thanksgiving thoughts