Today is “change my files and folders scheme and see what software breaks” day. Grateful for here::here() so that I’m not terrified of implications for #rstats.

My calendar account has started doung this neat thing where it doesn’t show all of my events on all my devices, so now whether I miss a meeting or not depends on what screen I check that morning.

One of the best things I did as a brand new faculty member was to decide on a standard files and folders scheme. Still thanking myself for it.

Toggl has an amazing API and disappointing native apps. If it weren’t for the first, the second could be a dealbreaker.

Every year, I hit a point where my productivity system feels constraining, so I give it up for a few days, only to feel like I no longer have any control over my time.

planner thoughts

I have five months left in my twelve-month planner, which naturally means I’m already thinking about my next one. I’m only half-joking. I spent a lot of time last summer setting up productivity systems, and this semester is showing their weak spots. Eager to revisit.

On Monday mornings, I like to give myself a couple of hours to both plan the week and take care of a stack of odd jobs. It lets me ease myself back into work and frees up time to focus on more important things later in the week.