Leo Tolstoy on Black Friday

This morning, a Michigander friend of mine texted to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving. Her husband and their roommate work at Walmart, and so I asked her whether they had to work today. It took my friend a few hours to respond, but I already knew the answer—as long as I’ve known them, they’ve both had to work on and around most major holidays. Their Thanksgiving has traditionally been on Thursday morning or Wednesday evening to make sure that they have some time to celebrate as a family before they get called in to work to get things ready for the capitalist rush that will come on Black Friday—and increasingly, on Thursday night.

The Black Friday email I got from ClassDojo today is representative of everything wrong with the ed tech industry.

Hearing Black Friday commercials on French radio reminds me that I’m totally fine with the secularization of religious holidays and that the real problem is the commercialization of our holidays, whether always secular or originally religious.

Le « Black Friday » est déjà désespérant quand il est limité aux États-Unis. Quelle tristesse de me rendre compte combien cet évènement stupide est maintenant répandu ailleurs.