Hello! My name is Spencer Greenhalgh, and this website is the core of my online presence. To combat context collapse, I've divided this website into multiple sections. Chances are that most visitors to this website are mainly interested in one of those sections!

You can find posts and pages about my personal interests and projects at Myself, about family life and friendships at Relationships, about my teaching and research at Work, and about politics and religion at Communities.

I also blog in a number of formats that cross-cut these four categories. You can bring up all long-form blog posts here; all microblog posts here; linkblogs about news articles and podcasts here; or mediablogs reviewing books, movies, tv, etc. here.

If you want to get really fine-grained in seeing what I write about, check out my Tags page and click on a tag that you may be interested in.

The social icons in the page header link to other places where I am present online, means of subscribing to the content on this website, or ways of interacting with this website. I can also be contacted through the form below.

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